Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Release Date of 31st March!

Xperia-PLAY_Black_screenWe’ve been waiting a long time, and we’ve been hearing about it even longer, but it seems that Sony Ericsson’s claim that the Xperia Play would be arriving in the UK ‘late March’ was pretty much bang on on the mark. It’s coming on the 31st March.

It’s said that “all the mobile operators and retailers” will be selling the device, which so many mobile gaming fans have craved for so long.
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Twitter And iTunes’ Ping Get Cozy, Cheat On Facebook!

Ping-Twitter-mashup-logoHello, hello, hello! There’s some interesting news coming out of the Twitter Blog today, as it has been announced that Twitter users will now be able to link their accounts up with Apple’s iTunes Ping social network service, the social music network that was launched alongside iTunes 10 back in September.

This is a pretty big step forward for Apple and Ping, as before now it has been somewhat limited without the integration of existing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Apple had originally included Facebook integration, but this was pulled after Facebook claimed that they hadn’t approved such a feature.

How does the integration between Ping and Twitter work, then? I’ll leave it up to the professionals to tell you that one…
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Halloween Pumpkin Flying Lanterns

halloween flying lanternsWell as you know Halloween is just around the corner and you’ll be getting ready with your costumes for those Halloween parties you will be attending. The Pumpkin Flying Lanterns would be great for your Halloween party and provide fantastic outdoor scenery for your party members to enjoy.

The Pumpkin Flying Lanterns will illuminate the night sky and add that special touch to your outdoor Halloween night. The Pumpkin Flying Lanterns will stay glowing for as long as 20 minutes and will travel across the country for miles. You and your group of friends can light several at a time and this will look truly amazing.
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Star Wars Lightsaber Room Wall Light

Now if you’re a big fan of Star Wars you will really find this stylish room gadget perfect for your house. Don’t worry though if you’re not a big fan of Star Wars this lightsaber room wall light may also make a brilliant gift. With Christmas coming up why not get an affordable gift which will make someone smile every time they use it.

Many children like to have a bedroom light of some kind on at night as they don’t like the dark and this would be perfect for that situation. The Star Wars Lightsaber Room Wall Light is very easy to build and also allows you to switch between several different coloured lights to suit your mood.

You also have a IR handheld remote which can control the colours and also make fantastic realistic sounds which you might expect from the Lightsaber.
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Waterproof High Definition Video Camera Spy Watch

waterproof-video-camera-spy-watchLet’s face it, most of us blokes have thought about being a spy at least once in our lives. I even know a few ladies who’ve considered being a spook too. In practice, being a spy is nowhere near as cool as it is in the movies. The gadgets aren’t as cool, and you can never tell anyone that you have such a cool job! Well the Waterproof HD Video Camera Spy Watch truly is a gadget that’ll make you feel like a spy, without the need for security clearance!

The Waterproof Spy Watch records both video and still photographs to an internal storage drive that’s 4GB in capacity. Basically it means you’ll get a couple of hours of video on that thing. The resolution of the images and video is really high, at a whopping 1280 pixels x 960 pixels (width x height), which is considerably more than with most standard spy cameras you can buy.
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Spiderpodium Flexible Device Holder

spiderpodiumIf you sit at a desk a lot throughout the day you may be busy with work and need something to hold your devices neatly on your desk. That’s where the Spiderpodium comes in this brilliant intelligent gadget holds a range of different gadgets including iPhones, Sat Navs, Cameras and E-readers.

The Spiderpodium is an ingenious design which is shaped like a spider allows you to keep your devices upright and charge them at the same time. The Spiderpodium is a great way of keeping your desk tidy and neat and allows you to see your devices clearly without using your hands.
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Coin Sorter and Storage Money Box

coin sorterIf you’re like me you will have loads of extra coins lying around your desk or table at home without anywhere to put them. But the new Coin Sorter is now out and available and will sort your coin as well as giving you somewhere to store them.

The Coin Sorter is also perfect if you are saving for something and need somewhere to put your loose change. Using this will allow you a clean desk which gives you more space to work. The Coin Sorter can hold between 25 and 50 coins in each compartment depending on the size of the coin.
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Putty Monsters

putty monstersPutty Monsters are the great new craze which is sweeping the world because the little critters provide hours of entertainment for all ages. With the Putty Monsters you can squish, squash, fold, mould and pull the jelly like material into any shape and create your very own Putty Monsters.

Once you have created your Putty Monster you can then upload photos of them onto the Supreme Flobulon archive, which is located on at
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La Siesta Caribbean Hammock

la siesta caribbean hammockWell we have had some fantastic British summer weather this year and like me I’m sure you enjoy relaxing in the garden with a beverage. Now you can relax in the La Siesta Caribbean Hammock while taking in some sun.

The La Siesta Caribbean Hammock come complete with its own stand therefore its stable and you don’t need anything to tie it to in the garden. The hammock is made from cotton which makes it really comfy and allows you to drift away.
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BoostApak Backpack Booster Seat

boostapakThe BoostApak Backpack Booster Seat is a brilliant new invention which conbines a backpack with a booster seat for the car. As you will know if you’re a parent children under 12 or under 135cm in height have to be sat in a booster seat when in the car.

As you will know especially if you do a lot of travelling the booster seats take an awful lot of space up in the car which is why the BoostApak Backpack Booster Seat was created. The people who made the Trunki has developed this great idea and now allows your children to pack their toys and games away in the BoostApak allowing all the space to be used within the car.
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