Babyglow Invented by UK Dad

babyglow Babyglow Invented by UK DadThe Babyglow has been invented by a UK Father of one called Chris Ebejer after discovering babies up to the age of 24 months have no way of regulating there own temperature. He has spent up to £700,000 and six year developing the innovative and health saving product Babyglow.

The Babyglow is a unique invention which is geared towards helping see when your young baby has a high temperature. The Babyglow will be released in 3 colours which are pink, blue, pastel green. All these will then turn white as soon as your babies’ temperature moves above the normal temperature for your child of 98F (37C).

The Babyglow has been a huge success worldwide and Chris Ebejer has signed a contract worth £12.5million to produce 900,000 Babyglows a month worldwide. You will be able to purchase the Babyglow from October and will cost around £20. I believe £20 is a great price for the Babyglow and can really see this been a great product for new parents. Anything which can help with the health of young children will always get my backing. I will update you as soon as these come onto the market this October.

babyglow21 Babyglow Invented by UK Dad

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3 Responses to “Babyglow Invented by UK Dad”

  1. Ryan Goh on October 23rd, 2009 7:50 am

    Hi, my name ryan from Malaysia.Since i am going to be a father soon so i would like to know can i purchase this amazing suit ? Thru internet ? What’s the price for the suit, still £20/pack ? I also like to know about the delivery charges. Keen for your soon reply. Thanks.

  2. Rich on October 23rd, 2009 6:11 pm

    Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment. As far as i know they are still sorting out distributors and retailers therefore you won’t be able to purchase the Baby Glow yet. I have listed the website below which will tell you more about the product. Thanks again and Congrats on becoming a father.

    Baby Glow

  3. Caroline Green on October 31st, 2010 10:42 pm

    Still does not beat last year’s innovation – now that’s what I call a clever product! Babies will always fall over when learning to walk. After seeing The Apprentice last year, I got a Thudguard right away and immediately it paid for itself by protecting my son from a nasty bump to his head.

    Sell direct to the consumer not to high street retailers Sir Sugar – you can’t go wrong with a WIN based on that and the Thudguard proved its self on last year’s show.

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