Apple iPhone 3G S

iphone 3gsThe new Apple iPhone 3G S is now on the market and seem to be selling like hot cakes right now. So much so that people are having trouble finding one in stock. This immediately shows how in demand this is and that the iPhone is a fantastic gadget.

The new Apple iPhone 3G S has been designed to be much faster processing especially with the Apps. It also features maps with GPS and digital compass for easier navigation around unfamiliar surroundings. This feature is fantastic if you travel a lot and don’t know layouts of places. The Apple iPhone 3G S also offers video recording now which means you can capture your favourite moments wherever you maybe. The Camera has also been updated and now has a 3 mega pixel autofocus instead of the previous 2 mega pixel.
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LG HBM-310 Bluetooth Headset

lg hbmIf you’re looking for a great Bluetooth headset then look no further than the LG HBM-310 Bluetooth Headset. The LG HBM-310 Bluetooth Headset is sleek and designer and perfect for people on the move especially if you’re moving around on business all the time.

The LG HBM-310 Bluetooth Headset has been designed and created alongside the LG Secret mobile phone. The LG Secret and the LG HBM-310 Bluetooth Headset would go great together and would highly complement each other if you’re also looking for a new mobile phone.
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Self Charging Mobile Phone

self charge phoneA Self Charging Mobile Phone this sound fantastic to me and to think never having to plug it in just to charge it again. This new Self Charging Mobile Phone is only a concept model right now but they are looking to release in the near future.

The makers of the Self Charging Mobile Phone who are Ulysse Nardin are a specialised watch making company. They have implemented some great watch technology in the form of a kinetic energy rotor which will charge the battery in the phone.
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Lucido Samsung Mobile Phone

samsung lucidoThe Lucido Samsung Mobile Phone is brand new from Samsung and It seems like people are really liking it. The Lucido design looks sleek and fresh with its anti scratch metal frame. The phone itself fits really well in the hand and allows very easy use of the features.

The screen offers you fantastic colour with photo’s and videos looking stunning on the Lucido mobile phone. It comes complete with a 5 mega pixel camera which can be used whenever a photo opportunity presents itself. With the 4x digital zoom you can capture more detailed pictures than ever before.
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Spanish Sim Cards

You may be thinking what the point of getting Spanish Sim Cards is? Well if you are planning on going on holiday or spending a decent amount of time in Spain then its certainly worth getting a Spanish Sim Card for you mobile phone.

You can make great saving through having Spanish Sim Cards and you can apply for one right now. If you do this you can save as much as 80% on call charges which in my opinion sounds very good.
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Free Vodafone Sim Cards

sim cardI have to admit when something like Vodafone Sim Cards are free it’s hard to turn down because you won’t get a better bargain. You can keep these Free Vodafone Sim Cards until you need them or even use one for a backup phone.

The Free Vodafone Sim Cards would be perfect for a backup phone which you won’t use enough to warrant getting a contract on. Pay as you talk is ideal for people who don’t use their mobile phone excessively and aren’t likely to need a contract.
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