Star Trek Starfleet Phaser

phaserStar Trek is all the rage right now with the new film out and if you haven’t seen it you should its fantastic. Now you have the chance to own your very own Star Trek Starfleet Phaser and re-live your favourite seens from the movie.
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Star Wars: Darth Vader Replica Lightsaber

light saberI have to admit I really enjoyed all the Star Wars films but I think everyone who watches it has the dream that one day they will wield the famous lightsaber. With Darth Vader’s red lightsaber you can recreate all those great battles in the films and even buy two and battle your friend.

The replica lightsaber looks so real which makes the Darth Vader lightsaber even better and more exciting. The blade of the lightsaber will light up and down with realistic sound and lighting which was used in the films. With this you even get a lovely display stand which when your not battling the Jedi you can show this great bit of memorabilia to you house guests.
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R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock

r2d2-projection-alarm-clockAre you a fan of the hit films Star Wars? Well weather you are or you aren’t your going to love this awesome little gadget. It’s the R2D2 projection alarm clock which will beam the time straight onto your wall or ceiling.

If this doesn’t make you think about buying one well it even has the traditional sounds and noises which R2D2 made famous in the films. With it adjustable legs you can make the beam go as high or as low as you wish to allow you to wake up in the most comfortable way possible.
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Build a Lightsaber

diylightsaberI myself have always been a massive fan of Star Wars. I have wanted a replica lightsaber for a long time, ever since I saw the movies. I think its something which all younger people and some older would like to own. It’s not only something which can be used as toy and wielded when you come up against the Jedi or Sith, but also classed as a collectors item.
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