My Cuppa Mugs – Custom Preference Drinks!

my cuppa mugThese may appear to be ordinary mugs which you would see around the office every day. But I can tell you they are not and that they have special strips inside the mug. The strips are different colours so when someone goes to make a drink you can tell them exactly how you prefer your drinks.

With this great little gadget you will never again get that really milky tea or coffee which really isn’t very nice but you feel compelled to drink it as not to be ungrateful. You can get the mug in the tea or coffee version to suit both drinkers.

This is great for anyone who enjoys there cuppa around the office and would make a superb birthday, secret Santa or leaving present. You could also get this for a family member so they can take it to work and set there day on the way with a perfect mug of tea or coffee. You can buy the My Cuppa Mugs now for just £8.95.