Star Trek Cologne

star trek cologneThis is the new scent for all you Star Trek fans out there. If you have ever wondered how they smelt on board the starship enterprise well I’m sure they all used the Star Trek Cologne. This worked every time for Captain Kirk and it never failed to attract those women.

The Star Trek cologne will be perfect for those nights out and dates that you will be getting wile wearing it. The Star Trek cologne comes in 3 different types which are Tiberius and Red Shirt for the men and Pon Farr for the women.

These scents will certainly get the pulses raised on the opposite sex and you will smell great where ever you go. The fragrances are packaged really nicely and the bottles are made to look like they are made on the Starship Enterprise. You can buy the Star Trek Cologne now for a great price of £24.95.