Starry Night Bed the Sleeping Gadget

starry night bedAre you having trouble getting that good nights sleep that you’re craving? well not anymore why not take a look at the Starry Nights Bed. The Starry Nights Bed is a great new invention which will revolutionize the way in which you sleep.

Well from a bed you want comfort which will allow you to drop off to sleep easy. The Starry Night Bed offers comfort in abundance and with its two individual sleeping bays you can raise and lower the bed to whatever suits your sleeping style.

I think this bed really succeeds in offering you a great bed generally but this bed comes with so much more. The Starry Night Bed offers you anti snore technology built into the head area of the bed and works by reading the vibrations which are impacting on the bed. The bed then will raise the head area automatically which opens the airways up to allow easier breathing during sleeping.

starry night

The Starry Night Bed offer internet connectivity and an iPod docking station which you can immediately charge your iPod from as soon as you get back to your house. You also get dual programmable temperature control which means you won’t be to hot or to cold in bed anymore. I know myself it’s not a great feeling when your to hot and can’t sleep this would solve the problem perfectly. If this isn’t enough you also get data accumulated through the sleep diagnostic centre built into the bed, this monitors your movement and breathing patterns.

Possibly the best part of the Starry Night Bed is the built on 1080p projection screen with 4 speakers which rise from each corner of the bed. Now you can watch movies in comfort and amazing style.

I have to admit the Starry Night Bed is a great gadget but will also set you back anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on what model and spec you require.