sWaP Mobile Phone Watch

Swap WatchHave you ever wanted a watch which you can also talk to people on as well? Well now the sWaP Mobile Phone Watch has been invented and now gives you all that pocket room back by giving you a mobile phone on your wrist.

I strongly believe this could easily be a big seller over Christmas as this is great new technology and will revolutionise the way people communicate. The sWaP Mobile Phone Watch offers you a unique all in one experience and allows you to do mostly everything you can on your current mobile phone just with the technology condensed down.

The amount you can do with the sWaP Mobile Phone Watch is incredible for such a small impressive gadget like this. You can effortlessly read emails, surf the net. shoot pictures, take movies and listen to music. It also allows you to have memory cards added therefore you will not run out of storage for songs or movies.

The sWaP Mobile Phone Watch itself looks very impressive and with it having so many features some products tend to become gimmicky but this still retains it stylish and designer look. With this being so it would be great to have for work and especially if you’re on the move a lot. You can purchase the sWaP Mobile Phone Watch now for £249 which is still a lot less than many mobile phones on the market these days. Christmas is also coming and this would make a fantastic gift for someone special.


* A watch, a mobile phone and a media centre all rolled into one.
* Choose from a number of different watch faces stored in the sWap Watches’ memory.
* Pop your SIM card (NOT INCLUDED) into the watch and it’s easy to make and receive calls
* 1.5 inch TFT colour touch screen so you can watch movies! (176 x 128 resolution).
* Includes a hands free kit, Bluetooth headset and a stylus (plus one spare) for negotiating the touch screen.
* The stylus is stored in a handy slot built in to the watch strap.
* No need to buy a new SIM card – simply take it out of your mobile and pop it in the watch.
* Receives SMS, MMS and can display recent and missed calls.
* Store up to 300 contacts.
* Built in alarm clock has 5 different tones to choose from.
* Compatible with all networks except 3.
* Record audio using the hands-free kit’s mic and use the craftily concealed 1.3 megapixel camera to take pics and record video.
* 512MB memory can be expanded up to 2GB with a Micro SD card (not included).
* Supports MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC and MP4 files.
* Standby time: 100 hours.
* Talk time: 150-180mins.
* Requires a 650mAh rechargeable battery (included).
* Sim Card not included


* Face: 5 x 4cm.
* Strap: 23 x 2.5cm.